50 shades of what the fuck is she doing

they seem like one of the most progressive makers of my particular brand of nastiness and they actually give a rat’s ass what you’re into and what you’re not

ps: i really wanna do a tag-team domme scene with maitresse madeline or nicki hunter omg they’re fabulous

napped for appx 2 hours, woke up after dreaming about watching some poor boy cum all over his uniform/eat it off (i think i told him to do it specifically after he told me it was an expensive-ass repro haha)

idk what that was but now i’m all sweaty and i want to see it irl oh maaaaan

i made myself do a motivational exercise 

there are so many mistakes but it was pretty cathartic so idec

i made myself do a motivational exercise

there are so many mistakes but it was pretty cathartic so idec


short, tall, fat, thin, black, white, smooth coolkid or miserable loser

i don’t give a shit what your headcanons are

but i cannot accept a world

where dave strider’s ass wouldn’t jiggle if you smacked it

oh and if i tell you i’m enjoying something

IT DOESN’T MATTER IF IT’S TORRENTIAL OR NOT i’m sorry if i’m not a tiny human slip n slide down there but you are just gonna have to trust me that it feels good and you’re doing it right

likewise i understand any of my future partners might be the same. trust me it’s a-ok and this is coming from a little science major virgin who has done research on this stuff for aaaages

i personally get a thrill from textually giving guys boners but you know what, it ain’t a mark of inferiority if he can’t do it RIGHT THEN OMG or i don’t have to put a towel down for myself

get lube and enjoy. alternately, cuddle for a while until you’re back in the mood and enjoy. but please for the love of everything be nice and don’t make a fuss about this sort of thing.

everybody’s different and that’s ok

how wet is “not wet enough”, how do i even body what

'cause if i'm not wet enough i can put lube on, end of

plus hentai artists are a bunch of dinguses and tend to think in terms of flooding/tsunamis when i’m more like a gentle spring rain even when completely turned on (jesus christ what a shitty metaphor)

tl;dr the amount of one’s sexual fluids should not determine one’s worthiness of good sex partners, don’t be slaggin’ on anybody ok

29-inch waist, 37-inch hips

and titties for daaaays, got dayum

i’m fucking sexy

(even if i DON’T have a computer) (plus i can still order stuff from my phone)

(i suggest you prepare thine body)

you know what

i don’t even need a locking box yet

i just got THE BIGGEST shoe box that my lil patent combat boots came in, and it has tissue inside

stuff in top of closet + hide fun stuff aka SWIM’S CRAZY NASTYASS SPARKLY BONDAGE PARAPHERNALIA inside + only take out for pictures just yet = good

all i have to do now is get that tape measure for dese hips and i’ll be in business aw yeah

basically i wanna be your dime piece

sweet and shy when everybody can see but nice and freaky in private uvu

i wonder if there are any pole dancing classes in hattiesburg

that sounds fun as hell b/c a lot of 80s/90s kiss tends to bring out my inner stripper and i’d really love to learn